Paul Swan

‘Woods of the World’ cutting board #45


Each of these cutting boards is unique and combines a variety of woods from around the globe. Usually there are between 9 and 11 different woods in each cutting board. All the colours are entirely natural.

Perfect for cutting lemons for that G&T!

From the outside to the centre, this block is created from the following woods:-

Walnut Bar from Turkey, Bog Oak* from the UK, Yellowheart from Brazil, Bubinga from West Africa, Sycamore from England, Swamp Ash from the USA, Padauk from Central Africa, Lemonwood from Paraguay, Wenge from Africa.

* This Bog Oak has been carbon dated and is 5,300 years old!

The measurements are 19.5 cm x 14 cm x 2 cm deep – approximately A5 size.