Tony Parsons

 "At the moment about half my work is painted 'en plein air' (outside).  I try to capture an atmosphere, a moment.  The workmanship is always urgent and fluid.  It is an exercise in describing how it feels to be in that place at that moment.

My studio work is always more thoughtful and considered, although I still attempt to capture the sense of place and a moment in time.

I worked at sea for many years.  I love the edges - water, mud, sand.  The coast is a never ending inspiration."

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Tony painting 'St Mawes Seafront'
'St Mawes Castle' - oil 38 x 26cm (size framed 47 x 35) £695
'The River Fowey At Respryn' - oil - 36 x 49cm (size framed 47 x 57) £825
'Tavern Beach and Castle Point, St Mawes' - oil - 50 x 40cm SOLD
'Into The Sun, Tavern Beach' - oil - 32 x 37 cm  SOLD
'Light Pools' - oil - 30 x 40cm (size framed 39 x 49cm)  SOLD
'St Mawes Seafront' - oil - 29 x 41cm (size framed 36 x 49)  SOLD
'St Mawes Seafront'  SOLD
'Evening Sun, Gillan' - oil - 40 x 50cm (size framed 49 x 59) SOLD
'Westwards, St Mawes' - oil 31 x 41cm (size framed 46 x 56)  SOLD
'Looking Towards Carricknath, St Mawes' - oil - 30 x 40cm (size framed 37 x 47cm)   SOLD
'Light Winds, St Mawes' - oil - 50 x 40cm (size framed 57 x 47cm)  SOLD
' Late Sun, St Mawes' - oil - 40 x 60cm  SOLD
'Into The Light, St Mawes Harbour' - oil - SOLD
'The Harbour Wall' - oil - Sold
'The Church, St Anthony in Meneage' - oil - 40 x 40cm (size framed 47 x 47cm)  SOLD
'Conkers' - oil -  SOLD