Paul Apps


Paul Apps describes himself as an impressionist realist painter, using colour and brush mark to convey mood, light, texture and atmosphere.

For many years he concentrated on painting wildlike subjects within their unique habitats, with careful study on repeated trips to Africa and USA.

Alongside this he is a passionate and active adcocate of plein air painting and frequently takes his brushes and easel outside to work directly from nature.

The paintings below were all painted on location in St Mawes.

(please click on each thumbnail to see a larger version and information)

'Morning Light St Mawes' - oil - 35 x 45cm (49 x 59cm)  £995
'St Mawes Harbour' - oil - 35 x 45cm (49 x 59cm)  £995
'Pen dower Beach & Nare Head' - oil - 19 x 39cm £650
'Harbour Boats' - oil - 19 x 25cm £450
'St Mawes Sparkle' - oil - 19 x 24cm (32 x 37cm)  £450
'Tavern Beach Rocks & Pendennis' - oil - 19 x 39cm £650
'Carricknath Point, St Mawes' - oil - 19 x 25cm £450
'Beach Shallows, Pendower' - oil - 19 x 25cm  SOLD
'Pen dower Beach' - oil - 19 x 39cm  SOLD